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Bersten Hursel


Borned in Spain, and arrived to Second Life in 2007, I had been into several jobs inworld; Was in 2008, when I was running a SIM rental bussines, when I really got in Love with SL. I tried to differentiate from other rentals by building the houses myself, I don’t miss those days as far as building is concerned, but was kinda fun trying to build with just those basic SL prims, and I really enjoyed doing it.

RL called to my door and I needed to leave all, so I had been mostly 2 years away. Then I came back & started a fashion business, was not my thing at all, but I had a fun doing it, and the fashion world took me to involve myself in a big project… Building a Super Mall with some of the best stores in SL, so again… I had a lot of fun building all the stores, now thanks god, at least we had Sculpt Prims.

Now I’m really enjoying builnding Custom Mesh stores for some of the best creators, some new promising designers, some veterans, and also some old friends I knew from my other avatars that had turned really good in this sh**t.
SL turned everyday more into RL due to all this new people I know around the world,
Thank You.