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“for those who knows that being different makes the diference”

Having a unique and personalized building that matches with all your products and needs will give your costumers a better experience, making your store part of your image & helping your brand to go further to the next level. 




What’s the price of a custom store?

A custom Store is a unique project, and all are different, in size, style, texturing, floors, lights… So There’s no closed prices. Feel free to use the live chat on this website or  send an email on the contact section, and you will have a budget for your personal project.

How much time would it take?

Again, it will depend on the project, but for the most common projects, it can take between 2-4 weeks.

Can I ask for any design?

Some designers have a clear idea of what they want, some with inspiration images, some with just a floorplan. Others just leave it in my hands and it’s me who study the brand and make a concept idea. But yes, I can build mostly anything, excepting repeating any of my designs or copy any other designer, “fair play”.